Humm, Can’t believe how much life happens when I try to write.

dsc01969Well almost January.  When there was a lot of edema I could see that breathing was a struggle. The pulmonary had her using a inhaler and nebulizer. Nebulizer was only four times a day. Inhaler one time a day.

Well, we managed to figure out a way. We talked to the doctor (pulmonary) and she could use the concentrator with the tubing for o2 just to go in her nose. (cannula).They come in different sizes. Tubing comes in different lengths too. 

Oh my gosh what a relief. Whenever she was short of breath . Hey ! turn on the concentrator. That worked out great. We could still go places without taking anything with us except a rescue inhaler.      

We also learned  to get more oxygen in : BREATHE  IN THE NOSE AND OUT THE MOUTH.  

A little reminder, smell the roses and blow out the candles!!!!!  SLOWLY! It works. 12376393_997652453605417_4136866331042893060_n


Yikes it’s November need to post our story

love-baby-girlWhere to start. We could have great fun just going to the dollar store.

The seniors don’t have much money or a need for things. I completely understand why. What does a zillion things serve?  They don’t go with us, right!

Really we all want to live with a sound mind and to be able to function on our own. Nobody wants to be a burden.

Taking care of my family has been a huge part of what life has been for me.

We have made lots of memories. Had a lot of fun. You can do simple things. Pack a picnic lunch and go to the park, play cards, fly a kite. 🙂  Play catch or Frisbee. Listen to music. ♥

One day we went to the shoe store. We happened to find matching tennis shoes. ♥  They were for Valentines. Pink with hearts. (Mother/Daughter )