Life Happens

Looking forward to this day!  My youngest brother was getting married to a real nut case. Not going into it but just to say she ended up with a lifetime domestic restraining order. I call that nuts!  Mom got to see her baby get married. All of us were there. It was wonderful, we all were happy for him. He planned the harp player, the food, flowers, cake and decorations and the church with the minister.

Life happens: The marriage lasted three months 😦  The person he married was someone he met on the internet. Enough said. Wonderful day though to be together with family. ♥



Wishing everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR

My brother has Angels watching over him . ♥♥♥

Happy New Year !   I have a special shout to my oldest brother. It has been 12 long years now in the nursing homes. I wish I could have you here with us. I always pray for you. God Bless my United States Army and Marine, Agent Orange Veteran. I have you back.  XOXO

Yikes it’s November need to post our story

love-baby-girlWhere to start. We could have great fun just going to the dollar store.

The seniors don’t have much money or a need for things. I completely understand why. What does a zillion things serve?  They don’t go with us, right!

Really we all want to live with a sound mind and to be able to function on our own. Nobody wants to be a burden.

Taking care of my family has been a huge part of what life has been for me.

We have made lots of memories. Had a lot of fun. You can do simple things. Pack a picnic lunch and go to the park, play cards, fly a kite. 🙂  Play catch or Frisbee. Listen to music. ♥

One day we went to the shoe store. We happened to find matching tennis shoes. ♥  They were for Valentines. Pink with hearts. (Mother/Daughter )

I will be telling you my Experience with the last days we shared !

Memories are to treasure. With the good there is bad and hard times. Praying to God for his help is the only way that I could do what needed to be done.

You will see as my writing continues. I chose to write about my journey here, because we love flowers and these are from our garden.

Thank you Father for these beautiful creations.