Yikes it’s November need to post our story

love-baby-girlWhere to start. We could have great fun just going to the dollar store.

The seniors don’t have much money or a need for things. I completely understand why. What does a zillion things serve?  They don’t go with us, right!

Really we all want to live with a sound mind and to be able to function on our own. Nobody wants to be a burden.

Taking care of my family has been a huge part of what life has been for me.

We have made lots of memories. Had a lot of fun. You can do simple things. Pack a picnic lunch and go to the park, play cards, fly a kite. 🙂  Play catch or Frisbee. Listen to music. ♥

One day we went to the shoe store. We happened to find matching tennis shoes. ♥  They were for Valentines. Pink with hearts. (Mother/Daughter )